Welcome to College 'Scope® Online for 2014-2015!

We are taking advance orders for College 'Scope® 2014-2015 National College Directory --  50th Anniversary Edition! 

A FREE one year subscription to College 'Scope® Online Personalized Web Search Link is available to anyone ordering 150 or more copies of our printed booklets.

With College 'Scope® Online a student can select her/his own preferences for:

  • State or states required.
  • Public or private institution.
  • Undergrad enrollment size.
  • All male, all female, or mixed campus.
  • Tuition limits.
  • Room & board costs.
  • Religious affiliated schools.
  • Available scholarship and grant monies.
  • Specific bachelor degree majors.
  • Other search criteria.

Specify any/all of the above, and College 'Scope® Online will display a list of schools that meet your specific criteria, along with many details about what each school has to offer. Your perfect match just might surprise you!

Promote your sponsorship organization or high school by displaying the College 'Scope® Online search link on YOUR website to permit students and their parents to review more closely which schools are most important to their sons and daughters; All the while, bringing them closer to YOUR business and informing them what you can offer as well.

Our compact printed edition can display only so much printed information - the colleges have provided us with many additional major fields of study that only College 'Scope® Online can display.

Plus, it's just one quick click away from the college's own website for even more information.

Try the College 'Scope® ONLINE demo here

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